Barry Mossip
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It is with sad yet joyful hearts that we have announced that we are moving.

God has called us to Alberta (Red Deer) to start a new chapter in the work that God is doing in this world. The past 2 years or so has been one of wonderful growth. With growth comes pain, suffering, pruning (John 15) but because of it, we have grown to produce fruit that will last many years into the future.

Paul teaches us that one is to plant, another comes along and waters... but it is God who causes the growth.

It has been an honor to humbly server the body in Rivers Manitoba but God has new plans for you. A season of growth is coming as the seed dies it gives birth to a new plant that will grow and produce far more seeds to keep the process going.

Some of you might already know this about me (Pastor Barry) but as I seem like a stone in the face of uncertain times and hard waters; I do have deep feelings for all of you and you really are like family to me. Some of you are like my children, some are my brothers and sisters and some of you are my fathers and mothers.

I may not show my emotions very well but know that I long to be with you and know that someday, if you stay the course and are not moved by strange teachings I will see you again in the company of our Lord.

That is not to say that I won't see you in person I do plan on coming back to see you in a few months and I will provide updates to you as we plant a church in Red Deer.

Be sure to stay in touch even if I don't reply back right away it does not mean I don't care it could be that I have not thought of a good reply. Words spoken have great meaning and to loosely give them away would be foolish. Wisdom has taught me to be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Peace and Grace be to you from our Father and Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Barry and Amanda Mossip