Barry Mossip
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Well as you might already know.... we are moving!

It has been a long year so far. One year ago Warren and I started talking about the future of the church. Amanda (my wife) had said she wanted to renovate the basement of the church for NextGen but when we started to peal back some of the old stuff we noticed that it woudl be a larger task than we had thought. 

Warren and I took a walk trought the chruch and started to take note of the work that needed to be done. A few days later I was downtown and noticed a building forsale across from the post office that looked like it was forsale for some time. After a few converstaions we found out that it was indeed for sale and little did we know but a few short months later we would be holding the keys to the new building. 

Just yesterday (Oct. 21st) I was given my key to the building. I took a walk through the new building and started to pray. As we are just days away from starting the bulk of the move I cant help but think about all the salvations, tears, sweat, blood, juice, and people that fell at the alter of the former building. 

With such a long history the buiding has served the church well and it is now time to say goodbye to an old friend and hello to a new start. 

I found it intresting as well that the building we are about to move into was the birth palce of our chruch almost 80 years ago. With a short few year break between the evanglistic outreach that started it all in Rivers and the installation of the Pentecostal Church. 

Its time we move back to the our old home with a new mission. 

This coming Sundy (Oct. 28th 2018) we will be hosting a closing service with Pastor Warren Smallwood leading the service. There will be a hymn sing, testamoines, and a history lesson of the church building.