Our Mission Statement

To learn and grow as life-long followers of Christ, loving all people and sharing the Good News of Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

We are here to bring hope that is going to change the world one life at a time.

We are followers of Jesus Christ who laid His life down for us, so that we may have and share that hope with you.  By following His lead, we are ready and willing to serve the community by promoting restoration when the others reject, cooperation over competition, unity within diversity, we are servants, not superstars, and we expect the extraordinary through the working power of the Holy Spirit active in our lives.  You are welcome here!

Our Core Values

  • Restoration over rejection.
  • Cooperation over competition.
  • Unity within Diversity.
  • Servanthood.
  • Expecting the Extraordinary.

We are a PAOC Church and you can find out more on what we believe, by visiting Our Statement of  Essential Truths.